Never build software more than once.

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If your project build takes 15 minutes, why build it three times and waste your time? With Cachix you can share the binaries once it's built.

  • You build your software project on your laptop during development.
  • Your Continuous Integration builds the project again to verify there are no mistakes.
  • Users of your project build it again to use or deploy it.

This will also greatly reduce your CI build times by rebuilding only what has changed.


Nix builds a package in isolation from your system. This ensures that build process is reproducible and doesn’t have undeclared dependencies, so if a package is built on one machine, it will build identically on another machine.

Nix also hashes the inputs before building a package. By querying Cachix with the hash, it's possible to download the binary identified by the hash as a replacement for the build process.


Upload binaries to your binary cache with:

$ nix-build | cachix push <name>

While users of your cache can configure Nix without fiddling with config files:

$ cachix use <name> && nix-build

Widely adopted

72.9 TB
Monthly bandwidth
Binary Caches


Free for Open Source

Community plan has 5 GB storage for Open Source projects.

Continuous Integration

A number of supported CIs can push binaries to Cachix.

Access control

Generate read/write tokens per cache/user.

Garbage Collection

After the storage limit is reached, the least recently accessed/created entries are removed.

GitHub Integration

Manage access to your binary cache with your GitHub organization/teams.


Entries from are not stored in your cache.

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Why Nix?

Read further.

How does Cachix differ from

The official nixpkgs binary cache at serves all built packages from nixpkgs github repository. While in most cases it's reasonable to upstream packages to nixpkgs, there are also many cases when that's not feasible. Cachix allows decentralized version management while still benefiting a binary cache.

Made by

I've started using Nix in 2012 and after years of many contributions in free time, started using Nix full-time in 2016 packaging up OpenStack and functional testing a cluster with scenarios.

In 2016 I've founded Enlambda consulting which helped many clients like Snabb and IOHK to adopt Nix as a way to solve interesting complex software distribution problems in our industry.

In 2018 I launched Cachix.

Domen Kožar